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Foot switch

Supplementary to our pressure switches, where actuation is done by pressure, we offer you footswitches, where actuation is done by foot (or hand), means by force effect.

We can offer you various versions on customer request. Please take contact with us and we will look after you and your wished design.

The standard version we offer you is popular and reliable one.



  • Footswitch made of steel
  • tough, compact and versatile
  • steel construction gives long life and reliability
  • non electrical version available (on request)
  • top cover inclusive (medical grey)
  • guard on request
  • stainless steel version available on request
  • multi pedal versions available
  • sealed to IPX2 or IPX7 (IPX8 upon request)
  • choice of colours and switching operations
  • special design and customer logo's available
  • variants available for medical applications
  • please contact us regarding approval 60601

Standard models

  • 6289-0503-H-NO-IPX2 (normally open, IPX2)
  • 6289-XXXX-H-LA-IPX2  (latching, IPX2
  • 6289-XXXX-H-NO-IPX7 (normally open, IPX7)
  • brief overview

Wireless foot switches for medical field

By "Bluetooth Smart System" medical devices can be controlled.

The new Bluetooth single and multible switches offers exceptional flexibility for controlling medical devices. The Bluetooth Smart System Network has a reduces power consumption by 80%. This is particularly suitable and energy efficient for the standardized wireless communication between switches and switching receivers. 

With a range of up to 10 meters and a latency of only 0.1 seconds, the system can be used with one or two sending transmitters, which in turn can trigger up to eight different switching functions. LEDs indicate continuously the charge level of the batteries and provide assistance during commissioning transceiver balance.

We look forward to your inquiry.

Custom-build designs

are available in uncountable versions. Take contact with us, we will design YOUR footswitch or handswitch with electrical contact. For use in humidity or wet environments also available in air activated contact actions.

  • Easy mounting of customer logo possible.