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Pressure calibrators

DPC (digital pressure calibrator)

The DPC measures and generates pressures and thus can be used both as pressure measurement device and as testing and calibration device for pressure sensors and pressure switches.  

Due to the internal pressure generation, no further accessories are required for operation. A lithium ion battery is integrated for mobile operation. Parallel operation of mains and battery supply provides for the highest possible levels of flexibility. 


  • high compensation rat
  • accuracy of 0,1% FS
  • Pressure ranges: 1, 10, 100 and 1000 hPa
  • mains and battery operation (typically 8h permanent mobile operation)
  • programmable pressure profiles
  • USB and RS232 interface
  • remote control (functions and settings)
  • leakage test / leakage
  • units selectable
  • zero-adjustment function (manual, automatic, switchable)

Typical fields of application 

  • as pressure controller for sensor calibration
  • as pressure measurement device
  • as differential pressure measurement device
  • for test automation


User manual DPC

Pressure Calibrators

DPC (Digital pressure calibrator)

  • automatic pressure generation
  • programmable

TGP (Table-device) 

  • manual pressure generation
  • sold out
  • production only on request

Manometer (elektronic)

It does not have to be a calibrator to test pressure sensors or pressure switches. We are happy to offer you a manometer (on request with DKD certificate or work's test certificate). Please ask for details.

Pressure units

Pressure ranges: 1, 10, 100 and 1000 hPa 


Pressure ranges: 0.102, 1.02, 10,2 and 102 mmWC


100 hPa = 1,45 PSI

1000 hPa = 14,5 PSI