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Help for ordering pressure switches

If you have further questions, please call us, send us a eMail or send request with your information. We will be pleased to offer you a switch and will check, which pressure switch we have on stock for your test. 

To decide, which pressure switch you can apply, underneath the required information for: (alternatively you can fill in the known values in our application sheet and send it to us, we will find the suitable pressure switch for you)

Pressure switch from WorldMagnetic (DesignFlex)

  • What is current to switch - up to 40 mA or in range of Ampere?
  • Which pressure type you have (vacuum, pressure or differential pressure)
  • Pressure switch point resp. pressure range, wherein switch point should be
  • Should switch point be fixed or field adjustable?
  • Is hysteresis required (version with micro switch)
  • Which pressure port do you reqest?
  • Temperature range
  • Medium
  • see also calolog or Selector

You have special request for needed pressure switch regarding housing material, FDA approved parts you have to take, or you have to mount screened pressure switches? ... please get in contact with us, we will help you, to find YOUR SPECIAL pressure switch for your application.


On enquiry we can offer you:

  • special housing material  (i.e compatible for ink in Ink-Jet printer)
  • individual tests / screening (i.e. for military applications)
  • switch points adjusted ex production
  • selections according your specifications
  • customized housing design

Selectable pressure port

The pressure port from PSF 101- and PSF 102-series can be selected from customer. The view in data sheet is always view on switch. - see example: