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DIETZ pressure switches

Pressure, Vacuum, and Differential Switches from DIETZ are highly sensitive and precise, yet built for harsh industrial use. 

Industry pressure switch Dietz 200P

  • Adjustable pressure switch
  • Pressure
  • Switch point: 200mbar..10.3 bar
  • Maximum overpressure: 24.3 bar
  • data sheet

Industry pressure switch Dietz 210HP

  • Adjustable pressure switch
  • High pressure
  • Switch point: 2bar...345bar
  • Maximum overpressure: 620bar
  • data sheet

Industry vacuum switch Dietz 220V

  • Adjustable vacuum switch
  • Vacuum switch
  • Switch point: -170mbar..-1bar
  • Maximum overpressure: 24,3bar positive
  • data sheet

Vane Type Airflow Switch Dietz Model 103B

  • Guards against damage from blower failure
  • Simple construction, easy installation
  • 500 fpm to 2,500 fpm
  • Reliable for over 300,000 actuations
  • Moisture / fungus resistant coating available
  • Data Sheet

Low Air Pressure Switch Dietz Model 161B

  • Rugged Steel housing for use in harsh environments
  • Adjustable pressure range from 0.25-15psi
  • SPDT snap action microswitch
  • Electrical rating up to 10Amp, 125-480 VAC
  • High Mechanical life <1,000,000 cycles
  • Data sheet
  • Conversion factor (1 PSI = 68,97 hPa, 1 Inch H2O = 2,49 hPa)

Ultra-Low Differential Pressure Switch Dietz Model 170D / 171D

  • Field adjustable switch point from 0.5” to 40” H20
  • High electrical rating
  • Wide temperature range
  • Shock and vibration resistant (MIL-STD-901-D)
  • Chemical resistant epoxy finish
  • Long life diaphragm
  • Data sheet

Ultra-Sensitive Differential Pressure Switch Dietz Model D1

  • Rugged, simple construction
  • Adjustable actuation as low as 0.7" H20
  • Withstands pressure overloads without damage or calibration change
  • High current electrical ratings
  • Data sheet
  • Conversion factor: 1 Inch H2O = 2,49 hPa

DIETZ Pressure, Vacuum, and Differential Switches

Pressure, Vacuum, and Differential Switches for Extreme Environments

Highly sensitive and precise, yet built for harsh industrial use.

Since 1947, the Henry G. Dietz Company has designed and built heavy duty low pressure switches, vacuum switches, and differential switches for construction, earth moving, marine, rail transportation, clean rooms, military, chemical and sewage plants, and many other demanding applications.

Now a part of the World Magnetics family of pressure, vacuum, and differential switches, Dietz models continue to deliver the long-lasting accuracy, repeatability, and reliability that has set the industry standard for over 60 years. Whether you require air pressure and air flow detection, or protection of air-cooled electronic equipment, you can count on Dietz for rugged, yet precise performance.

Pressure in hPa + bar of 2xx-Series

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