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Pressure switches

Not always a sensor with analog or digital output is required for pressure control. In many cases a switching signal is enough. We offer you:

Mechanical pressure switches (DesignFlex) from WorldMagnetics, for industrial applications from Dietz (subsidiary company from WorldMagnetics), for Aircraft / Aerospace industry from VEP (subsidiary company from WorldMagnetics) and for i.e. clean rooms from WASCO.  Elektronical pressure switches on request.

Mechanical pressure switch for uncomplicated pressure controll and minimum effort

Video Pressure Switches (in German)

Overview of mechanical pressure switches with and without micro switch (easy to understand the function)

Special requests?

Do you have customised requirements for pressure switch?

You have special request for needed pressure switch regarding housing material, FDA approved parts you have to take, or you have to mount screened pressure switches? ... please get in contact with us, we will help you, to find YOUR SPECIAL pressure switch for your application.

On enquiry we can offer to you: Druckschalter 

  • special housing material
  • individual tests / screenings
  • Switch points adjusted ex production
  • Selections according your specifications
  • customised housing design