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Transducer for toughest applications

Pressure instrumentation for the toughest applications from Emerson (former Paine Electronics)

Underneath listed you find the Paine™ standard transducers from Emerson. Further and more detailed information you can read on Emerson's internet page

Standard Pressure Transducers:

Emerson's Paine™ pressure transducer, Paine™ pressure transmitter and Paine™ temperature instrumentation products are utilized by diverse industries since 1951 to operate flawlessly in the toughest applications. (before 2015 under PAINE Electronics')

Satellites & space vehicles rely on our products to function in high pressure environments with extreme shock and vibration, while unmanned military & commercial aircraft circling the globe depend on our UAV transducer technology.

Our subterranean products are built to last under the most intense pressure imaginable, whether its oceanographic equipment such as a subsea pressure transducer submerged under miles of sea water or oil well data logging systems and oil pressure sensing devices thousands of feet below the earth’s surface. 

We’re constantly striving to innovate and bring our customers the latest technologies, including renewable energy sensors and transducers to help them move forward with Green Energy.

Further information you can find on homepage of Emerson.

  • Every Paine™ Transducer is tested and  certified

Related Industries




Looking to increase well production in the most effective and efficient way? To do this, the products you design and operate must provide the most reliable pressure and temperature measurements possible! Successful lifting depends on consistent, accurate measurements. CONTACT US TODAY! We support Hydraulic Pump Systems, ESP (Electric Submersible Pumps), Gas Lifts, Sub-Surface Pumps and more...



We provide the leaders in downhole oil and gas exploration and production, sensors each and every day. Visit our “Downhole” page to learn more!
Applications: Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, MWD, PWD, LWD, Wellhead, ESP, Artificial Lift, Perforating, Coiled Tubing, Geothermal and more...



With external case pressures that will cripple most instrumentation, our sensors are designed to withstand the extreme depths below the sea waves. Visit our “SubSea” page to learn more!
Applications: Subsea Production and Control Systems, Subsea Valves and Manifolds, Hydraulic Flow Pressure and Temp Monitoring and more...



Our aerospace and defense pressure transducers, transmitters and temperature sensors are found in some of the most technologically advanced applications ever created. Visit our “Aerospace” page to learn more!
Applications: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV Sensors), ROV's and AUV's, Control Valves and more.....

Digital Sensors

Our digital sensors are designed to reduce space, lower installation costs and eliminate the need for A/D conversion. With innovative microprocessor based programmability for high accuracy in remote, long distance applications, we can also support subsea systems requirements of CIA 443 (SIIS Level 2 device) providing a CANopen® intelligent networking solution. Available series:   226-30-0020, 226-10-010, 320-10-010, 320-11-010, 220-11-010, 220-10-020, 220-30-020, 225-10-010 ...

mV Output Sensors

We provide a complete line of mV/V output pressure sensors designed for the toughest applications. From our high pressure and high temperature (HP/HT) sensors to our pressure and temperature combination sensors, our mV/V sensors are suitable for most fluid and gas measurements and are ideal for corrosive environments, where space is limited and high accuracy is required. Available series: 310-38-520 HP/HT, 311-38-540 HP/HT, 211-55-010 HP/HT, 211-50-070 HP/HT, 211-37-520 HP/HT, 210-30-110, 210-35-010, 210-65-010, 210-60-090 ...

VDC Output Sensors

A complete range of VDC, amplified output pressure sensors! With internal high amplification (longer distance communication & simplifying hardware requirements), our sensors are the perfect solution for designers with limited space and critical performance requirements. Designed for high cycle and high pressure applications requiring accuracy, stability and long term performance.  Available series: 212-40-020 HP/HT, 212-40-010 HP/HT, 212-64-010, 212-75-080, 212-75-090, 212-60-080 ...

Temperature Sensors

Our Temperature Sensors & Probes are designed for easy installation and operation. The 225-01-0X0 & 215-01-120 Series are specifically designed for critical direct media and inflow temperature measurements where accuracy and fast response times are required. Each sensor can be can be customized to fit just about any temperature sensing application. Available series: 225-10-010, 215-01-120, 215-01-080 ...

4-20mA Transmitters

Designed to operate in the most extreme and remote environments, our transmitters can withstanding the extreme depths used in pressure measurement and system controls for control valves, ocean pump stations, subsea  platforms, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and more. With their all-welded, high corrosion resistance, they provide maintenance free performance in a rugged, submersible 10,000 PSI external case pressure package. Available series: 214-35-500 ...

Differential Sensors

Our Differential Pressure Sensors are offered with mV/V or high-level Amplified 0-5VDC featuring built-in electronics eliminating the need for separate units. They are used for the control and monitoring of typically gases or liquids.  Used to measure the pressure difference between two input points, our sensors are the perfect solution for actuator controls, positioning, leak detection, subsea control applications and more in the toughest environmental applications. Available series: 226-30-0020, 226-10-010, 212-60-080, 210-65-010, 210-60-090 ...

Customized Sensors

[Translate to english:] We have designed pressure and temperature measurement solutions since 1951 for more unique requirements than we can count. Drawing from thousands of top-level designs, we can customize or modify an existing product or design and manufacture a completely new one to fit your needs. What Can Be Customized? Here are just a few things to spark your imagination. To learn more, visit our Pressure Sensor Tips page.

Available series: inform us about your requirement and you will get YOUR sensor ...


We offer and stock an extensive line of pressure and temperature accessories to help make your design, development and installation easy. Simply tell us your specifications and we can send you a sensor ready to go to work. Brackets, Clamps & Shock Isolation Assemblies Sub-Assembly Packaging & Support Special Marking or Packaging Mating Connectors Replaceable Seal. Cable Assemblies Extraction Tools Port Adapters Snubber

Paine™ Sensors

We, HJK Sensoren + Systeme GmbH & Co. KG, represents Emerson’s Paine™ brand of sensors in German-speaking countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Emerson's Paine™ Sensors

Presentation of Emerson's Paine™ Sensors, as well as solutions for pressure and temperature measurement.

Emerson - Rosemount - Paine

On November 4, 2014, Emerson Electric Co. announced that its subsidiary Rosemount Specialty Products LLC acquired substantially all of the assets of Paine Electronics. This acquisition will have a positive impact on both entities and most importantly on you, our customer. Effective immediately, Rosemount Specialty Products LLC (d/b/a Paine Electronics) will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Emerson Electric Co. and will continue to maintain its operations in East.

Supported Applications

  • Sub-Sea Platforms
  • Blow-Out Preventors
  • Ocean Pump Stations
  • Hydraulic Manifolds
  • Well Head Pressure Monitoring
  • Production Pods
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  • ROV's & AUV's
  • Control Valves
  • Flow Meters
  • Flight Controls
  • Turret Controls
  • Guidance Systems
  • Moto-Chamber Pressures
  • Engine Pressure Monitoring
  • Auxiliary Power Units
  • Break Controls
  • Actuators
  • Hydraulic Controls Systems
  • HVAC Monitoring
  • Compressors
  • Water & Waste Management
  • Fluid, Air & Gas Flow & Control
  • Chemical Processing
  • Test Stands & Equipment
  • Solar Panels
  • Wind & Hydro Turbines
  • Wave Generators
  • Perforating Tools
  • Compressors
  • Pump Stations
  • Process Control Systems
  • Natural Gas Equipment
  • Elevators
  • Forklifts
  • Industrial Test Stands
  • Injection Molding Equipment
  • Plant Automation
  • HVAC Applications
  • Compressor & Pump Controls
  • Perforating Tools
  • Compressors
  • Pump Stations
  • Process Control Systems
  • MWD & LWD
  • Fracturing
  • Wireline
  • Slickline
  • Slimline
  • Fuel Pressure Monitoring
  • Space Probe Servo Valves
  • Space Vehicle Actuators
  • And more.....

Heritage-COTS Level-B Activities:

  • Global-Hawk
  • Voyager 1 & 2
  • GPS
  • Mariner
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn for JPL
  • Intelsat V & VII
  • GOES
  • Muses C
  • X-34
  • MCI
  • NEAR
  • B2 Bomber
  • Panamsat
  • Titan 3B, 4 & 4A