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Multi-range pressure transducer

Pressure transducer DS01 with 4 measuring ranges

The microprocessor-controlled pressure transducers of the type series DS01 are suitable for the detection of over- and under-pressures and differential pressure of non-aggressive gases.

The pressure is measured by means of a piezo-resistive pressure sensor. Using a DIP switch, you can select between four measurement ranges. The wear-free measurement system offers nearly maintenance-free operation. The integrated electronics provides for a pressure-proportional, analogue voltage signal (0… 10V) and a current signal (0… 20mA). The latter can be switched to 4… 20mA. A dampening function has been integrated for strongly fluctuating pressures. Using the DIP switch, the same can be switched from approx. 10 ms (delay) to 2 sec. and 4 sec. respectively.

Technical details

  • measurement ranges: 1,000Pa : 750Pa : 500Pa : 250Pa
  • output signal: 0… 10V and 0 (4)… 20mA switchable by means of jumpers
  • maximum system pressure: 550hPa
  • measurement principle: piezo-resistive
  • linearity: ± 2% f.s.

The microprocessor-controlled pressure transmitter of DS01 series is suitable for detecting positive, negative or differential pressure of non-aggressive gases.




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