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Pressure sensors for very low pressure

Pressure sensors on inductive basis

Our pressure transducers on inductive basis are designed for measurement of pressure, vacuum or differential pressure of not aggressive gases. The robust design can be applied in laboratory and under industrial conditions. Important criteria like long-term stability, linearity and good repeatability are guaranteed by the solid mechanic. Individual temperature compensation in each sensor reduces the temperature drift to a minimum. The wearless inductive measurement system offers almost maintenance-free operation.

RDT / ADT Series    RDT/ADT

  • for absolut-, differential- or gauge pressure
  • current or voltage output
  • temperature compensated & amplified
  • damping for changing pressure
  • protected against wrong polarity
  • for non aggressive medium
  • pressure range 0,1 … 1 000 hPa
  • power supply 10 … 31 VDC
  • compensated temperature range 10 … 50 °C
  • size max. 122 x 120 x 105 mm, pending on wished options
  • Datasheet
  • Operating instructions


Application area:

  • HVAC
  • clean-room technology; medical technology
  • filter technology; finishing pass measurement
  • filling level measurement (bubble method)
  • flow speed measurement (pitot tube; measuring orifice)