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Pressure sensors with signal conditioning

Immediately applicable pressure transmitter

Sensors with standard outputs or customised values, also in various versions, to mount in control cabinet or PC-Board mounting . Best price performance ratio, to serve cost sensitive applications, too. Individual pressure ranges without additional charge. Test certificate will be delivered with each sensor.

H 01 / H 02 Serie OEM-Version

  • for absolut-, differential- or relative pressure
  • current or voltage output
  • pressure ranges from 0 to 10.000 hPa
  • compensated temperature range 0 to 70 °C
  • for dry, non aggressive gases
  • protected against wrong polarity
  • pin compatibility to series 140PC / 160PC
  • customized calibration possible
  • further pressure ranges on request
  • H01 - Voltage output   Datenblatt
  • H02 - Current output   Datenblatt

To mount in control cabinet  

  • RDNT 50X-Series
  • For absolut-, differential- or relative pressure
  • Current or voltage output
  • Clamp screw for 4/6 mm tube
  • Iintegrated EMV filter
  • Protected against wrong polarity
  • For DIN 35 mm rail mounting
  • Pressure range is definable from (0 ...5 hPa) up to (0 ... 10.000 hPa)
  • Power supply definable from 5 to 30 V
  • Compensated temperature range 0 … 50 (70) °C
  • Without housing cover
  • With voltage output  RDNT 500  Data sheet
  • With current output  RDNT 508  Data sheet  

Cross-reference table

Cross-reference table 140PC and 160PC series

You can order from us pin compatible pressure transducers to replace Honeywell sensors with following designations:

140PC-SeriesHJK Order-No. 
141PC01GH01 141-PC01-G
141PC05GH01 141-PC05-G
141PC15GH01 141-PC15-G
142PC01DH01 142-PC01-D
142PC01GH01 142-PC01-G
142PC02DH01 142-PC02-D
142PC02GH01 142-PC02-G
142PC05DH01 142-PC05-D
142PC05GH01 142-PC05-G
142PC15AH01 142-PC15-A
142PC15DH01 142-PC15-D
142PC15GH01 142-PC15-G
142PC30AH01 142-PC30-A
142PC30DH01 142-PC30-D
142PC30GH01 142-PC30-G
143PC03DH01 143-PC03-D
143PC03GH01 143-PC03-G
143PC05DH01 143-PC05-D
143PC05GH01 143-PC05-G
143PC15DH01 143-PC15-D
143PC15GH01 143-PC15-G
160PC-SerieH01 160-PC-Serie
161PC01DH01 161-PC01-D
162PC01DH01 162-PC01-D
162PC01GH01 162-PC01-G
163PC01D36H01 163-PC01-D36
163PC01D48H01 163-PC01-D48
163PC01D75H01 163-PC01-D75
164PC01D37H01 164-PC01-D37
164PC01D76H01 164-PC01-D76

Die Spezifikationen entsprechend mindestens den der Honeywell-Sensoren