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Evaluation board

TPUSB Evaluation Kit

The TP to USB converter is only meant for evaluation purposes. It has support for connection of TP 1200 pressure transducer.

    Contents of the evaluation kit: 

    • TP to USB converter (TPUSB)
    • USB cable
    • CD with demo software ++
    • Evaluation kit user manual
    • Extension cable (for differential pressure transducers)

    Note:   The pressure transducer to be used with this kit must be ordered separately.

      System requirements

      • Computer with 100 Mbytes free space
        on HDD and one free USB port.
      • Windows XP with service pack 2 or Windows 2000 with service pack 4 or newer.
      • Web browser (optional – documentation can be accessed manually)
      • Bedienungsanleitung

      Precision pressure sensors

      without signal conditioning

      SP82 series, the basis sensor with excellent long-term stability, very high reliability and exceptional repeatability of ± 0,005 % FS.

      with signal conditioning

      • TP1200, pressure transducer 
      • customized solutions
        - TP2000, TP3100, pressure transducer  or
        - TP 3150  precision pressure switch

      "TPS3150 pressure regulator" is a high precision pressure switch. Included is the technology of TP3100-family. Used amoungst others in cabine pressure control and works as pressure valve.

      TPUSB Evaluation Kit

      with extensive evaluation software for the pressure transducers

      Evaluation board