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Pressure sensor with digital signal conditioning

Pressure transducer with digital signal output

Up to now, Memscap (former Capto resp. SensoNor) has offered the precision pressure sensors SP 82 series into the market. (former designition AE880, SP80, SP81). These sensors are not temperature compensated or signal conditioned. For users / manufacturers, having high volumes to handle and the required capacities free, this is a slightly problem, but anyhow time-consuming and extending the development time.

The transducer of TP series is conditioning the sensor electronically and for users an enormous time saving in production. Additional help comes with a low priced evaluation board for the transducers (compatible to all versions). With this board you can analyse the pressure measurement in your application very fast and signal conditioning can be realised easily -> TPUSB Evaluation Kit, with evaluation software, is reducting the development time practically to "Plug-and-Play" level.

Detailed help from sensor manufacturer are amending the development works. 

Specifications of TP series: 

Memscap high-end sensors transducers and switches offer unique performance for your applications. The high proven quality and reliability of our sensors that match Aerospace and Defence standards offer unmatched results in a wide variety of industry applications ranging from Aviation, Meteorology, Instrumentation as well as R/D programs.


TP 1200

The Memscap TP1000 series digital-output pressure transducer is a fully calibrated, high precision device.

The TP1000 contains a Memscap SP82 sensor, Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) and Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM) with compensation data.

Temperature and non-linearity effects need to be externally compensated for by using data stored in the EEPROM. More than 400 sets of measurements, covering a wide range of temperature and pressure combinations are used as the input to the compensation data.

This ‘board to board’ solution creates an opportunity to use a pre-calibrated sensor that easily can be integrated into a final product. The capability of changing transducers without the need for recalibration, makes the TP1000 an ideal choice in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) situations.

parameter TP1200
Pressure range [mBar] 35 to 1200 mB/hPa
Total pressure error [mBar] ±0.3
Long term stability (at ambient temperature) [mBar/5years] ±0.5
Calibration temperature range [°C] -55 to +85
Storage temperature [°C] -55 to +85
Electrical interface Samtec TFM-105-11-S-D
Repeatability and mechanical hysteresis ±0.005 % FSO
Pressure resolution <0.0005 %FSO
Output noise ±0.005 %FSO
Conversion time (Specified for typical SPI clock rate) 15ms
Total temperature error ±2°C
Temperature resolution <0.01 °C
The PCB is designed according to IPC-2221A and
produced according to IPC-6012B.
Overpressure 150 % FSO
Power-supply 6.5- 20 Volt
Current consumption  0.8-2 mA
VIH - High-level input voltage 2-5.5V
VIL - Low-level input voltage 0-0.8V
SPI clock rate (SCLK) 0.5MHz
Size PCB 25*25mm
Hight 16mm
Weight 10g

Precision pressure sensors (copy 1)

without signal conditioning

SP82 series, the basis sensor with excellent long-term stability, very high reliability and exceptional repeatability of ± 0,005 % FS.

with signal conditioning

  • TP1200, pressure transducer 
  • customized solutions
    - TP2000, TP3100, pressure transducer  or
    - TP 3150  precision pressure switch

"TPS3150 pressure regulator" is a high precision pressure switch. Included is the technology of TP3100-family. Used amoungst others in cabine pressure control and works as pressure valve.

TPUSB Evaluation Kit

with extensive evaluation software for the pressure transducers