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Precision pressure sensors

Pressure sensors for operation in "Fit and Forget - applications"

(manufacturer:  Memscap (former Capto / SensoNor) in Norway) 

high accurate pressure sensors with excellent long-term stability and very high reliability. 

Range of applications from this sensors:

  • aerospace industry
  • meteorology
  • industry equipment
  • test- and control equipments
  • research and development
  • ideal for "... fit and forget ..." applicaitons

Time saving development help and fast analysis of pressure measurement in your application: a low priced development board (Opens internal link in current windowTPUSB Evaluation-Kit) with evaluating software, is reducing development time quasi to "Plug-and-Play" level.

Wether in the basic version, without or with signal conditioning incl. software, we fing the ideal solution for you.

On request or agreement, you will get detailed project help, documentations and instructions. We look forward to receive your call. Request

Precision pressure sensors

for applications in Aerospace & Defense and Industry:

Memscap pressure sensors

With "Curiosity" to Mars

Very accurate and reliable pressure measurements are achieved with the inserted SP82 pressure sensor from Memscap in "Curiosity" laboratory. Important was the minimal size and low weight for this application, as well. read more

Precision pressure sensors

without signal conditioning

SP 82 series, the basis sensor with excellent long-term stability, very high reliability and exceptional repeatability of ± 0,005 % FS.

with signal conditioning

  • TP 1200, pressure transducer 
  • customized solutions
    - TP 2000, TP 3100, pressure transducer  or
    - TP 3150  precision pressure switch

"TPS 3150 pressure regulator" is a high precision pressure switch. Included is the technology of TP 3100-family. Used amoungst others in cabine pressure control and works as pressure valve.

TPUSB Evaluation Kit

with extensive evaluation software for the pressure transducers


  • Aerospace/Avionics
  • Pitot tubes
  • RVSM Air Data Computers
  • Standard μC SPI bus
  • Ground Test Systems, Air Data test sets
  • RVSM and Standby Altimeters
  • UAV’s/Drones
  • Multifunctional Probes
  • Air Speed Instruments
  • Cabin Pressure Control Systems
  • Encoders/Transponders BENEF I TS
  • Auxilary Power Units
  • Navigation systems
  • Engine Control systems
  • Defence
  • Meteorology
  • Industrial
  • Instrumentation