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Pressure sensors

The pressure sensors we offer, are working, pending on version and application, on piezoresistive, in lowest pressure range on inductive and in high pressure range on strain gauge basis. 

Pressure sensors in different versions for applications in measurement and control systems, in standard industrial areas, in oil- and gas industry, subsea application, renewable energy up to aerospace industry. Request


Pressure measurement is necessary in uncountable applications, to optimise the pressure, to control something or for displaying. Some applications, measurements or industries, where our pressure sensors or switches are designed in, you can find underneath. The required pressure sensor or switch is pending on volume respectively the possibility of processing from OEM manufacurer, also from application profile and the required accuracy.

  • Absolut pressure measurement
  • Barometric pressure measurement
  • breathing equipement or general medical field
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Datalogger
  • Leakage control
  • Flow control
  • Level displaying
  • Gas flow measurement
  • GPS receiver
  • Hand hold units
  • Houshold units
  • House, air conditioning, cleaning industry
  • HVAC
  • Altimeter
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Compressor control
  • Consumables and sport equipments
  • Air flow, air moving measurements
  • consumer and sport products
  • Ventilation
  • Medical instruments
  • Process measuring and control technology
  • Meteorology
  • Tire pressure control
  • Pneumatic control
  • Process control
  • Pumps and compressor applications
  • Sport watches
  • Impact pressure measurement
  • Flow measurement
  • Diving applications
  • Diving computer
  • Diving watches
  • environmental control measurement equipment
  • Variometer
  • Vacuum measurement
  • Water level measurement
  • Weather stations
  • Weather ballons

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