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Co-operation partner

Partners with whom we are connected ...

German manufacturer with more than 27 years of experience

MHMedical Tec is a reliable contract manufacturer and developer of disposable medical products for application areas such as cardiology, intensive care, anesthesia, oncology, as well as liquid transfer applications. Other areas of expertise include covers for medical instruments and equipment.

Acceleration sensors "Made in Germany"

The AIS GmbH manufactures capacitive and piezoresistive acceleration and pressure sensors for development and testing departments. The application areas extend over comfort measurements, component measurements, med. Applications, measurements on Bogies, train applications, measurements on bridges and much more. We have over 25 years of experience in measurement technology and specialized in "Advanced sensor" with additional circuits or microprocessors.

Our manufacturers and suppliers


  • Precision pressure sensors
  • Transducer for invasive physiological pressure measurement


  • DesignFlex pressure switches
  • Dietz Industry pressure switches
  • VEP pressure switches

Emerson Rosemount (PAINE)

Pressure instrumentation for the toughest applications

  • with digital output
  • with amplified output
  • Differential transducer
  • with mV output (mv/V)
  • Temperature sensors
  • Transmitter (4 - 20)mA
  • Standard and customized