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Reusable Transducer SP 844


  • Reusable pressure sensor for measuring the physiological pressure
  • No wet coupling between transducer and dome membrane required
  • Very high over load protection (10.000 mmHg)
  • Easy cleaning due to gold overlay
  • High accuracy
  • For high dynamic pressure
  • Easy handling from disposable dome, which can be filled w/o problems
  • Very good price performance ratio
  • Connector mounting for all patient monitors possible
  • Short adapter cable on transducer + separate monitor cable, due to that
    very flexible system changability
  • Alternative with 2,8 m cable w/o adapter cable
  • High reliability and long life time
  • Hygienic to apply


  • Pressure range -30 ... +300 mmHg
  • Sensitivity 5 µV / V / mmHg ±3%  (quasi standard in physiologal pressure measurement)
  • Supply voltage 4 - 8 VDC or VAC up to 5 KHz
  • Temperature range +10 … +40 °C

Transducer SP 844 download datasheet


In following short film you can see, how easy the handling of our reuseable transducer and coupling of the dome is (see at 1:32). Very good to see is the filling of the dome free of air bubbles (see at 2:18) ...

Please observe: Invasive blood pressure measurements should be carried out by or under the super‐vision of qualified personnel, only. The finally wished configuration of the monitoring kit and the procedure of invasive pressure measuring is varying according the basic orientations of particular operator. Responsible of defining the exact regulations and procedures is the operator respectively the Hospital. To obtain perfect pressure measurements with the SP844 / SP840 and the monitoring kit and secure the safety of the patient, the instruction in the manual should be observed and carried out in the sequence stated.

Den ausführlichen Text finden Sie auf unserer downloadbebilderten Bedienungsanleitung Initiates file downloadDownload Anleitung

Available versions

For invasive physiological pressure measurement (blood pressure, intra cranial, gastroenterology, urology):

SP 844 

  • coupling from dome on transducer with snap-on-connection
  • with adapter cable (SP 844)  or 
  • without adapter cable on request (SP 844-03, with 2,8 m cable)

SP 840 

  • coupling of dome on transducers with bayonett connection (1/8 - rotation)
  • former standard, available from Philips
  • disposable products for this transducer are available from HJK ex stock

SP 854

  • transducer to build in medical equipment
  • pressure measurement i.e. in dialysis systems, medication supply, infusion pumps, urology, hemofiltration
  • Datasheet


  • transducer for other pressure ranges on request 




Transducer SP 844

SP 844 with transducer holder in stative clamp 84-381

Testing of Transducer

Hint for medical technology department

Sensitivity of transducers is

  • 5 µV/V/mmHg (= 50 µV/V/cmHg)
  • if supply voltage is 5 V
  •  -> 25 µV/mmHg

Signal output is at following pressure value:

  •   75 mmHg ->  1,875 mV
  • 150 mmHg ->  3,750 mV
  • 225 mmHg ->  5,625 mV
  • 300 mmHg ->  7,500 mV
  • 600 mmHg -> 15,00  mV
  • each value tolerances ± 0,5% FS

You have no manometer with pressure generation? We offer you a table top unit or / and handheld unit see here

SP 844, SP 854

Important are not the first investment costs, but the following one.

If you use the transducer continuously, amortisation of investment for offered reuseable transducer will be shortly. Beside this, reduction of waste and environment protection is obvious. If you use our transducer, after the measurement you have not to depollute waste like electronical components or cable sections. Only clear defined plastics in small volume. 

SP 854 / MDT

without / with mounting ring

for front or back side mounting

You have to measure another pressure than the physiological one? Pressure up to 30 PSI is possible. Please ask for details.