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  • Transducer SP 844 related  (Standard transducer) - Snap-On coupling of dome
  • Complete starter kit (SP 844) to measure immediately - please take contact with us
  • Transducer SP 840 related  (fomer Standard-Transducer) - Bayonet coupling of dome
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Transducer SP844

Transducer SP844 

  • Transducer SP 844 with adapter cable and universal adapter plug (Length ca. 0,3 m) 
  • to connect with monitor cable.
  • incl. Transducer-Holder in transport / storage box
  • Details



Monitor cable 84-520

Monitorkabel 84-520 (ca 2,80 m) with universal adapter plug socket 

  • Open end, if you mount monitor connector for yourself, or 
  • with mounted connector (then we require Monitor-Type and Manufacturer)
  • Details




Dome (with Luer connection (f/m), for individual mounting of monitoring kit) 

  • 844-28,Dome without stop cock
  • 844-31, Dome with stop cock
  • Details

or complete monitoring kit (incl. dome)

  • 844-26 Standard universal, with patient extention
  • 84-103 Standard universal
  • 84-101 Standard arterial, with patient extention
  • Details



tripod holder

Tipod holder for Transducer 

  • If required (for SP 844 or SP 840)
  • Tripot holder 84-381 (width 95 mm, for up to 2 transducer)
  • Tripot holder HM-135 (width 135 mm, for up to 3 transducer)
  • Details




For the transducer SP 840 with bayonet coupling, our former standard, we can deliver following disposable parts (what will be not canceled, due to the fact, our robust transducer is a long-living product):

  • Dome 840-22 
  • (Without stop cock, with Luer connections (f/m), packing unit pu = 50 domes, domes are sterile, single packed   Details
  • Standard-Monitoring-Kit 840-26 with bayonet dome (840-22), standard universal, with patient extention, packing unit pu = 10 kits, sterile, single packed   Details



Transducer and Dome

Transducer / Dome

The measurement with transducer (reusable) and dome (disposable), is getting more and more popular. Applications, where seperation from medium (in dome) is required and contamination to transducer is avoided, due to membrane in dome. 

Standard applications in medical field are 

  • invasive physiological pressure measurement
  • urology
  • gastroenterology
  • dialysis
  • hemo filtration.

Due to applying different pressure ranges, other applications arises. Pressure ranges up to 30 PSI are possible.

Starter Package

PT 844-D   Starter Package with Dome

(1 Transducer SP 844, 1 Monitor cable open end, 1 VE Dome 844-28 (50 pcs.), 1 Tripod-Holder)

PT 844-M   Starter Package with Monitoring-Kit

(1 Transducer SP 844, 1 Monitor cable open end, 1 VE Monitoring-Kit 844-26 (10 pcs.), 1 Tripod-Holder)