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Transducer / Dome

Reusable pressure sensor (Transducer) with Dome

The measurement with transducer (reusable) and dome (disposable), is getting more and more popular. Applications, where seperation from medium (in dome) is required and contamination to transducer is avoided, due to membrane in dome.

Standard applications are in -> invasive physiological pressure measurement, applied - amoungst others - in intensive care unit, in urology and  gastroenterology. Other applications: dialysis and hemo filtration. Due to applying different pressure ranges, other applications arises. Opens internal link in current windowRequest

Transducer / Dome

Reuseable transducer with disposables and accessories, i.e. for the invasive physiological pressure measurement.

Which products do you require ?

  • Transducer SP 844 (dome to snap on) related  (standard version)
  • Complete starter kit (SP 844) for immediate measurement - please contact us
  • Transducer SP 840 (dome to bayonetting) related  (former standard)
  • required information, if we mount monitor connector for you


As desired from our customers, we have Opens external link in new windowlaunched a short video, to show, how easy the handling of our reuseable transducer with dome is. (in German)


Opens internal link in current windowAvailable Transducers

  • SP 844 - coupling from dome on transducer with snap-on-connection
  • SP 840 - coupling of dome on transducers with bayonett connection
  • SP 854 - transducer to build in medical equipment
  • MDT - transducer for other pressure ranges on request 

Opens internal link in current windowAvailable Dome

  • Snap-on dome (844)
  • Bayonett dome (840)
  • Through flow dome (854)

Starter Package

PT 844-D   Starter Package with Dome

(1 Transducer SP 844, 1 Monitor cable open end, 1 VE Dome 844-28 (50 pcs.), 1 Tripod-Holder)

PT 844-M   Starter Package with Monitoring-Kit

(1 Transducer SP 844, 1 Monitor cable open end, 1 VE Monitoring-Kit 844-26 (10 pcs.), 1 Tripod-Holder)