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Company philosophy

HJK Sensoren + Systeme GmbH & Co. KG work according to the following principles:

Quality and customer service come first with us. Our customers must be contented, only then we are as well. Quality means for us, that the customers come back and not the product. Customer-oriented work is important to us, only then we work future-oriented. Our job is not to lift the "Share-Holder-Value" with all means in vertiginous heights. Our aim is:

  • constantly high quality standard of our products
  • high adherence to schedules  and readiness of delivery
  • competent technical and possibly also personal consultation
  • quick realisation of customer request
  • long-term and steady business relationships with our customers

The management confesses to the social market economy. We  take the word “social” seriously, with the social benefits for our employees as well as in proportion to our partners.

The identification of the employees with the company is especially important to us. Only a motivated employee works with full commitment. Every employee is important for the company. Dictatorial hierarchies are alien to us.

We face the responsibility for our environment. This is valid for the material usage, use of energy and for the preservation of our natural environment. The abidance of laws and regulations in the environment protection is naturally for us.

We play a fair game... fairly towards our partners, suppliers and competitors: We want the success… but not at all price! We take distance from dumping-prize calculations, to be able to supply you reliably in future. 


Our suppliers

are certified - amongst others - according to: 

  • ISO 90001 bzw. EN 46001
  • ISO 9001:2000
  • ISO-TS 16949:2002
  • DIN EN ISO 13485:2003

Enduser products have CE-Sign.